Investment Portfolio Management

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The mission of REDNET Assets is to build and shape investment portfolios that ensure long-term value. Leveraging the experience and competence of REDNET Property Group, the company specialises in the residential segment as well as in the Build-to-Rent (BTR) sector.

In the process of building and operating the portfolio, REDNET Assets manages all factors and risks affecting the return on investment within the complete lifecycle of the property.

REDNET Assets supervises all the operations, starting from the construction of the real estate portfolio, through an active management of the portfolio and the rental processes, to its financing.

Our Projects.

Color Living


Color Living is a modern shared living concept, which distinguishes itself from the traditional accommodation through its “Plug & Play” approach that enables tenants to feel as part of the tribe from day one.

Inclusivity is the main goal at Color Living. This will be expressed through multiple social events - ranging from cooking classes, to group games, yoga and cultural conferences - organised by community managers and even by the arrangement of the spatial design and furnishing.

Save time, leave grey behind and focus on what matters the most: the colors of life!