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REDNET 24 Real Estate Partners specialises in the commercialisation and marketing of real estate in the primary and secondary market. The company's offer includes a comprehensive range of real estate services including consulting at every stage of the project. Thanks to an innovative and comprehensive approach to real estate trading and the implementation of modern procedures, the experienced REDNET 24 team provides clients with fast, effective and reliable customer service in the selection of optimal solutions.

The company provides services to individual clients, companies and developers, which are represented on a basis of both exclusivity and open cooperation.

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Our services at every stage of the development project

REDNET 24 Real Estate Partners facilitates the commercialisation of residential properties.


Outsourcing of Sales Services

REDNET 24 Real Estate Partners, in cooperation with other entities within the ecosystem, uses proven channels and tools to support the developer throughout the entire process of investment sale. The tools used by the REDNET Property Group, together with the knowledge of employees, lead to our synergy effect, ensuring a significant advantage over the competition.

When outsourcing sales services, each project has a dedicated team that, together with the coordinator, is responsible for conducting sales and monitoring the effectiveness of ongoing marketing activities. REDNET Property Group is responsible for all on-site activities (based on the power of attorney granted), thanks to which the developer does not have to commit his time and resources in formal matters.

The main benefits of outsourcing sales services are:

  • a comprehensive approach to residential trading
  • implementation of modern procedures ensuring fast and effective services
  • knowledge of local residential markets which enables consulting activities at every stage of the project

REDNET 24 is active in all main Polish cities, including Warsaw, Lodz, Katowice, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Tricity, Szczecin.


Marketing of Development Projects

The Marketing Department offers a comprehensive range of real estate services, and the knowledge of local residential markets allows REDNET 24 to start cooperating at every stage of the project: from plot searching, financing, through market analysis to sales simulation and sale processes.

Marketing specialists at REDNET 24 are expert at developing ad-hoc marketing strategies, emphasising the strengths of the development project and working with graphic designers and digital marketers to run advertising campaigns, supervising media expenses, designing websites, folders, leaflets and offline advertisements.

The Marketing Department at REDNET 24 also conducts market research and is in constant contact with the sales department, which is crucial during the sales strategy development and marketing expense calculation.


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