Market Analysis and Consulting

Services for Developers
and Home Buyers.

REDNET Consulting offers comprehensive analytical and consulting services by deploying advanced research methodologies and tapping into the company's extensive knowledge base, as well as our analysts' acumen.

REDNET Consulting specialises in:

  • monitoring of the residential real estate market
  • project reviews and opinions
  • business plan preparation
  • marketing strategy development
  • decomposition of development project prices
  • property valuation
  • information prospectus preparation
  • home buyer's preferences analysis
  • market development forecasting
  • collaboration with architects in the architectural design process.

REDNET Consulting guarantees professional support throughout all phases of the residential investment process, beginning with conceptual design, through site pre-development, consulting during execution, ending with comprehensive sales support. Our clients include developers from all over the country, banks, investment funds and private investors.

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Our services at every stage of the development project

REDNET Consulting facilitates the first stages of the property development process.


Purchase of Building Plot

The REDNET Consulting team supports clients in the decision-making processes when purchasing land, identifying opportunities and threats, as well as possible scenarios resulting from the ever changing circumstances in the developer industry.

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of individual real estate market segments and investor preferences, our analysts draft terms for the planned real estate purchase process and facilitate closing transactions that satisfy both the seller and the buyer.

At this stage we offer support in:

  • purchase of development projects
  • purchase of rental housing portfolios
  • purchase of development companies
  • purchase of plots of land for housing projects
  • acquiring partners for development projects

Market Analysis

The REDNET Consulting team conducts regular studies of the residential market in the largest Polish cities.

Based on those studies, opinions regarding the development project are formed. The projections of price levels and the sales pace for apartments planned for construction in the analysed periods (broken down into segments as well as localities) are prepared similarly.

At this stage the Consulting team offers, among others:

  • analysis of factors influencing the supply of housing such as housing stock, spatial development plans, construction scale and areas with expected development activities
  • analysis of factors influencing the demand such as economic indicators, demography, housing loan market
  • analysis of the situation on the local housing market
  • medium-term forecast of the market situation for the analysed segment
  • analysis of the location, taking into account the nature of the designed buildings and the preferences of buyers
  • estimating the scale of competition in the surroundings of the planned investment and its characteristics
  • relationship between supply and demand in specific markets
  • sales rate indicators
  • prices and trends
  • forecasts

Financial Analysis

Qualified analysts and advisors provide a wide range of services supporting both buyers and sellers in the process of buying / selling investment land, real estate, development projects, up to real estate portfolios.

By coordinating the above mentioned processes, analysts and advisors help to efficiently achieve the goals faster, while minimising possible threats. The team approaches each project individually and focuses on the effects of the actions taken.

At this stage we offer:

  • preparation of individual and detailed financial analyses
  • preparing real estate purchase / sale strategies
  • market and location research
  • real estate portfolio valuations
  • determining the market value
  • financial and tax aspects of purchase / sale contracts
  • transaction closing process