Integrum Management

Residential Facility Management

Services for Developers
and Home Buyers.

Integrum Management offers comprehensive facility management services for residential communities, as well as apartment leases.

Our residential community management is distinguished by the thorough analysis of the individual needs of the community and a proposal of optimal solutions. 

Our apartment lease management includes both individual and guaranteed rental packages.

The specialists employed in Integrum Management have extensive experience and practice in the administration of buildings and housing estates, as well as handling the handover process (including construction and technical documents) from developers as well as previous administrators.

Additionally, Integrum Management also provides cleaning and gardening services. 

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Our services at every stage of the development project

Integrum Management ensures seamless property management.

Property Management

Residential Communities Management

Integrum Management offers comprehensive and professional services for residential communities. In addition to solving legal, construction and financial problems, the service also offers support, among others in:

  • accounting and advisory services
  • technical support
  • cleaning services
  • administration of communities using advanced management systems
Property Management

Rental Apartment Management

The management services for rental apartments provided by Integrum Management covers both individual and guaranteed rental packages.

The individual rental management service includes elements such as: 

  • technical handover of the apartment from the developer
  • preparation of the apartment for rent
  • supervision of the entire rental process
  • apartment management
  • apartment sale mediation

The package rental management service includes elements such as: 

  • preparing a package of apartments for rent
  • managing a package of apartments under the guaranteed rental program
  • apartment sale mediation

A lease management service enables significant time savings and relieves the customer from matters such as monthly payments, taxes and annual settlements.